This Is Mercryan

The Chronicles of Mercryan is a series of Fantasy novels set in a world called Mercryan. Mercryan is home to some familiar fantasy faces, like elves, dwarves, humans, and dragons, but other creatures, such as virakus and schnen, call Mercryan home as well. This world has two suns, four grand high gods and a pantheon of lesser gods. Mercryan's recorded history begins with a war amongst the grand high gods. Inferne, progenitor of the humans, allied with Titan, god of the dwarves, and Memidia, goddess of elves, to go to war against Nocturna, goddess of the schnen. The war was a catastrophe for the mortal denizens of Mercryan. All would have been wiped from the world had it not been for the sacrifice of the grand high mother Goddess, Ilysea. Her loss and the subsequent wrath of the grand high father God, Lucid, ended the war. After punishing his children, Inferne, Titan, Memidia, and Noctura, Lucid departed from this realm.

The first book of the Chronicles of Mercryan begins over a thousand years after the Cataclysm. The world has been divided into various kingdoms, the result of mortal wars and time. Widower's Web begins the journey of a handful of people, impacted and changed by life, war and experience as they are brought together by paths set in motion by a tragic past. The future of Mercryan darkens.